Acrylic System

In keeping with the INT tradition of quality nail products formulated with the latest technology available, INT is proud to present an acrylic nail system that is up to the minute with changing legislation in the chemical composition of nail products. We have formulated a system for you that contains NO Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) and does not require Methacrylic Acid (MA) to achieve an adequate bond to the natural nail.

INT’s Liquid Powder Enhancement System is designed to provide you, the professional Nail Technician, with the most versatile, workable acrylic nail system you have ever experienced. As a competition blend or everyday use you will enjoy the ease of application delivered in a unique moldable, self leveling combination of liquid and powder, so easy to sculpt that your filing time will be minimal. Extensive UV inhibitors prevent yellowing which is essential in the French manicure look popular in today’s market.

In preparation of the natural nail you will enjoy Insurabond, INT’s system exclusive bonding agent. Insurabond promises a healthy bonding environment for the natural nail. This component of the INT Enhancement System was formulated with the belief that the stronger and healthier the natural nail, the stronger and longer lasting the artificial enhancement.

For the final finish, we present Supreme Shine. This paint on, UV/LED cured, non cleansing component will ensure long lasting results in maintaining the beauty of the most natural looking set of artificial nails that you have ever produced! Supreme Shine must be used to ensure the prevention of discoloring. Should you wish a product that does not require curing, INT offers UV Sunshield. Sunshield is a fast drying top coat that protects the enhancement and offers a beautiful shine.

At INT we are confident you will be as pleased with this revolutionary liquid powder system as our own testing team has been throughout the development process. It is now in your hands our gift to you. Enjoy!

Acrylic System Components:

Enhancement Liquid

Enhancement Liquid features plasticisers and UV inhibitors to give nails maximum flexibility and minimal discoloration. This monomer is an Ethyl Methacrylate formula made for exclusive use with INT Enhancement Powders. Experience it for yourself today.


Enhancement Powders

Self leveling and triple sifted for consistency this acrylic sets up quickly but stays moldable for control of application. This advanced system dries to a smooth finish that requires little filing. INT Powders are made for exclusive use with INT Enhancement Liquid.



An Exclusive Formulation Designed to replace Traditional Primers in a non-etching, non-acidic formula that is safe for application. InsuraBond creates a bonding layer that promotes lift-free results when used properly with the complete system. Shop InsuraBond today.


Extreme Primer

This Primer is Amazing! It can help with your problem lifters or be used as your everyday primer. It dehydrates the nail provide a better adhesion.


Benefits & Features of Our Acrylic System Include:

  • Has A Natural Appearance
  • Non-Yellowing
  • MMA-Free
  • Uses An Acid-Free Primer
  • Self-Leveling Characteristic Provides Ease Of Application
  • 75% Less Filing
  • Engenders Increased Flexibility & Skill
  • Alternative Option For Client