1. Foaming Hand Sanitizer- Apply to client’s hands, as well as your own, to help prevent the transfer of bacteria.
  2. Gently push back cuticles and thoroughly remove pterygium from the cuticle area, with a cuticle pusher.
  3. To create a new smile line, file a groove in the artificial product near the natural nail smile line.  File the groove slightly above the smile line (towards the cuticle) for a longer lasting French Fill.
  4. Thin down the remaining product on the free edge for an even surface. It is also recommended to shorten the nail; the same amount that has grown out.
  5. Reshape and re-balance the artificial product on the body of the nail.  Remove  any product that is lifting.  Remember, applying new product over an area with lifting will cause even more lifting.
  6. Blend any ridges, paying particular attention to avoid filing the natural nail.
  7. Remove shine and surface oils from the new nail growth area with a fine grit file and dust thoroughly.
  8. INT Base Prep- Spray and dry nails with a nail tech wipe.
  9. Prime one nail at a time using INT Insurabond.  As you apply each nail you will be applying your sculpting product to a damp, matte pink nail plate, not a chalky dry nail plate.
  10. Place and work product balls in three positions:
  11. Ball One – This ball will be your largest and driest of the three.  (If doing French, it will be white) Place ball at free edge and lightly pat into place along grooves and side walls.  Clean up smile line to suite the clients needs.
  12. Ball Two – This ball will be fairly small and wet.  Place ball near cuticle (but not touching!) and brush ball forward to encase entire nail in a thin coat of acrylic.
  13. Ball Three – This ball shoul be more fluid than ball 1. Place ball on body of nail closer to the free edge than to the cuticle.  Pat ball into stress area and stroke towards the free edge to blend into ball 1. This is your support ball.
  14. Shape the free edge perimeter and surface as d3esired.  Dust thoroughly.
  15. INT Base Prep – Spray and wipe down finished nails using a lap towel.
  16. INT UV Sunshield Top Coat, INT Gloss Top or INT Diamond Shine(60-75 seconds)- Using a medium pressure apply one even coat from cuticle to free edge and groove to groove. Cure 2 minutes.  For Diamond Shine, do not exceed 75 seconds curing time.
  17. INT Post Service Wipe- Moisten a nail wipe and remove the tacky residue. This is not necessary with Diamond Shine.
  18. INT Essence – Apply essence cuticle oil to cuticle area and massage