1. Sanitize – Use a sanitizer on both the client and your own hands.

** PREPARATION of the natural nail is the first most important step towards a well-bonded nail.  Being thorough in this initial process will be worth the time taken.

  1. Gently push back cuticles and thoroughly remove pterygium from the cuticle area.
  2. Remove shine and surface oils with a fine grit file leaving a slight texture to create a good bonding surface. Dust thoroughly.
  3. Base Prep – Spray each nail and wipe down, using a clean lap towel.
  4. Apply nail forms.

**Sculpting acrylic nails requires the correct placement of the nail form.  The nail form must be lined up to ensure the sculpted extension fits and flows with the natural nails line of growth, out of the nail groove and into the free-edge.

  1. Insurabond – Apply a thin coat to the entire natural nail surface of all 10 nails.  Although the shiny surface will remain, “dry” time is 45 seconds.  Avoid contact with surrounding tissue.
  2. Sculpt acrylic nails:
    1. Apply ball #1, white powder for the free edge.
    2. Apply ball #2, pink or clear powder for the cuticle area.
    3. Apply ball #3, pink or clear powder for the stress area.
  3. When each acrylic nail is set, remove form and “pull in the c-curve” by placing your thumbs sideways, along each sidewall and apply pressure.  Hold for 20-30 seconds.  This must be done before the acrylic is completely cured.
  4. Shape the free edge perimeter and surface using the INT 5 Step Filing System.  Buff the entire surface to remove any visible scratches.
  5. Dust thoroughly.
  6. Diamond Shine – Apply 1 thin coat to each nail, avoiding contact with surrounding tissue.