1. Hand Sanitizer– Apply to client and your own hands to help prevent the transfer of bacteria.
  2. Gently push back cuticles and thoroughly remove pterygium
  3. Remove shine and surface oils with block buffer or sciver bit.
  4. Remove all dust and debris with dust brush.
  5. INT Base Prep- Spray prepped nails and dry with nail wipe. Once dry the nail will look chalky.
  6. Apply Forms (or if using Tips, fit and blend).
  7. INT InsuraBond- Apply one coat sparingly to natural nail; do not touch cuticle or flood nail wall. Allow the product to dry. When dry it will leave a tacky surface that will ensure proper adhesion of gel.
  8. INT Polymer Base- With a medium-heavy pressure (thin coat) apply one evenly from cuticle to free edge and groove to groove. Cure 20 seconds. Apply second layer (mainly around the cuticles), cure 20 sec.
  9. INT Parisian Sculpt or other INT White gels: With floating or light pressure, with tip of brush parallel to the nail, use small circular movements to apply the white gel to build the free edge evenly from groove to groove. Keep your brush in contact with the product through the entire application, as pulling away and reconnecting may cause bubbles, swipe smile line, clean up the sides. Cure 20 seconds. (Do 1 nail at a time, freeze cure each)
  10. INT Classic Thin or Clear ThinFirst layer: with a light pressure (thicker application), apply evenly from cuticle to tip and groove to groove. Be careful not to touch the cuticle. Cure 20 seconds.
  11. INT Classic Mix – Drop and drag the gel to create an H support/stress area. This layer does not go to the cuticle.  Cure 20 seconds.
  12. INT Classic Thin or Clear Thin– Grab a ball of gel, apply at 2/3’s of the nail, push up towards cuticle (heavy pressure = thin application) then brush the rest down towards free edge. Grab more gel for a final blending layer, depositing it in the dips (drop & drag) making the gel nail smooth and even. Flash cure one nail at a time, once full hand is done, cure 2 minutes.
  13. INT Post Service Wipe– Saturate a nail wipe and remove the inhibition layer. (Stickiness)
  14. 5 Step Filing system – Using electric file and arbor band, start at cuticle, sidewalls, nail walls then the body moving down to the Perimeter. Use your hand file to shape and buff the nail. (Grit 100/180)
  15. Block Buffer – Buff off file lines and give a smooth finishing shape. DUST off with brush
  16. INT Base Prep- Spray prepped nails and dry with nail wipe.
  17. INT Gloss Top – Using a medium pressure apply one even coat from base to tip and groove to groove, make sure there is no imperfections in this final layer before you cure 2 minutes.
  18. INT Post Service Wipe– Saturate a nail wipe and remove the inhibition layer
  19. Using a Cone Bit, Clean under free edge, careful not to touch the hyponychium, DUST off with brush
  20. Cuticle oil – Apply to area and massage, add Hand Cream, apply and massage in.