Course Description : Training in the application of Gel and Acrylic (L&P)

INT 100 Professional is a beginner program which will provide you with the skills necessary to become an accomplished Nail Technician including: Sculpted Gel Nails, French Gel Nail Fills, Sculpted Acrylic Nails and Acrylic Nail Fills as well as Nail Structures, Electric Filing, Hand Filing, Natural Nail training, Proper Disinfection and Colored Gel application. Tuition includes a full size and generous product kit. Model is required.

It is completed over a 8-10 week period and is broken down into two focus areas:

Focus 1  Skill Development Program: 

  • Theory & Review of the manual
  • Gel application
  • Acrylic application
  • Product knowledge 

Focus 2  Home Study Program: 

  • For homework you will be required to do some New Sets & Fills on clients/friends/family with before and after pictures.
  • Study and review work with INT manual
  • Preparation for a one hour written exam
  • Conditioning for a two hour practical exam

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