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Institute of Nail Technology & Aesthetics

CHROME POWDER - transparent

CHROME POWDER - transparent

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Transparent Chrome Powder 

In the jar these powders appear white. Apply them to a color and watch the magic happen. 

1. Apply 2 coats of black color gel or black gel polish. Can use any color
but black is the color of choice.
2. Cure (30 sec UV/LED or 1 min. UV).
3. Apply one coat of INT's Supreme Shine.
4. Partially Cure. (10 sec. UV/LED or 30 sec. UV).
5. Apply Chrome or holographic powder with silicone brush or included applicator.
6. Use soft bristle brush (fan brush or fluffy dust brush to dust off extra
7. Apply 1 coat of INT Supreme Shine, Flat & Fab or Sprinkles Finishing
8. Full cure (60 sec UV/LED or 2 min UV).


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