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UltaDerm Hand Sanitizer

Alcohol Free. Designed for frequent use without damaging the skins natural integrity. Highly effective killing 99.9999% of all common bacteria.  Effective against COVID-19.   Naturally drying on the hands and remains active after application, unlike alcohol based hand sanitizers.   Given it is alcohol free does not dry skin which may result in crevices or cracks in the skin.  Pathogens can harbor within cut or damaged skin.  

 Do Hand Sanitizers Work and are Hand Sanitizers effective against COVID-19? 

Given the latest strain of 2019 novel human coronavirus (COVID-19), it is natural that we do everything in our power to keep germs from spreading. Two high priority questions being asked right now are: 

1. Do hand sanitizers really work? 

2. Are hand sanitizers effective against COVID-19? 

The shorts answer is YES to both questions. 

In April of 2019, the FDA banned 28 chemicals from being used in hand sanitizers due to safety concerns. A decision that leaves manufacturers with only 3 approved active ingredient options: 

• Isopropyl Alcohol. 

• Ethyl Alcohol. 

• Benzalkonium Chloride. 

Why choose Ultaderm over an Alcohol based Hand Sanitizer? 

UltaDerm chooses Benzalkonium Chloride (does not contain Alcohol) as the active of choice for the following reasons: • Less Toxic. 

  • • Non-Flammable. 
  • • Does not damage the skin. 
  • • Does not dry out the skin. Repeated use of alcohol- based hand sanitizers, dries the skin and may produce cracks in the skin which are painful and harbor pathogens. 
  • • More effective with repeated use. 
  • • Unlike Alcohol Gel which no longer works after applied – UltaDerm Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer works longer after using. You can feel the residual germ reducing activity on your hands, as a residue after application. 
  • • Foaming applicator. 100 pump applications in 1.75 oz. bottle. 
  • • Small bottle easily transportable in purse, backpack or to leave in car. 



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