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ClearZal Lotion to Powder

ClearZal Silk®  Lotion to Powder goes on as a rich lotion and dries to a soft, powdery finish with this 2-in-1, non-irritating formula. With the benefits of a foot cream and Tapioca Starch, it helps absorb wetness, and Zinc that deodorizes while leaving skin soft, dry, and smooth.

It goes on like a cream, but dries fast, allowing you to experience the absorbing protection of a cream that will keep feet dry, deodorized and hydrated all day. It will leave your feet dry and comfortable, while protected against chafing and wetness, leaving it silky smooth and fresh.

The key ingredients are Tapioca and Zinc in an Aloe Vera Base to keep feet conditioned, dry and deodorized.

ClearZal®  Silk Lotion to Powder is a healing and protecting crème that contains a unique combination of ingredients, not found in other foot creams, to enrich dry, sweaty feet.

Specially formulated blend of Tapioca Starch, Zinc Oxide, and Skin moisturizers ensures that your feet can always be well protected against wetness and chafing.

ClearZal®  Silk Lotion to Powder unique use of ingredients gives your irritated, sweaty feet a wonderful, silky smooth, non -greasy feeling while deodorizing. You will really appreciate the difference.


Wash feet and dry thoroughly. Gently massage onto the foot and between toes. Wash hands after use. Dries to a powder and will transfer powder on contact. Recommend wearing shoes as powder will transfer to shoes.

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