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Institute of Nail Technology & Aesthetics



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Perfect for amazing marble or other nail designs. No need to to dry with a UV/Led light.  Please purchase INT Clear Blooming Ink together with choice of color (clear will allow your design to "bloom")

Directions for use:

Step 1.  Apply 2 layers of white color gel or polish, or any color of your choice.

Step 2. Cure (30 sec UV/LED or 1 min UV).

Step 3.  Apply INT Extreme Flat & Fab Matte top coat. A matte finish, is necessary, for the INT Blooming Ink to adhere properly.

Step 4. Cure (30 sec UV/LED or 1 min UV).

Step 5.  Dab the INT Blooming Ink on the nail, you can use one or multiple colors, to create your design.

Step 6 . Apply INT Clear Blooming where you want your design to spread, allowing your design to "bloom".

Step 7.  Let air dry (does not take long.)

Step 8.  Apply 1 coat  of INT Supreme Shine, Flat & Fab or Sparkles Finishing Top Coat.

Step 9.  Full cure (60 sec UV/LED or 2 min UV). 

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